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What is InboxCleaner ?

InboxCleaner is a small utility that connects to your POP mailbox and verifies your mail messages. Mail messages that are identified as SPAM are deleted before you download them with your normal mail application. This prevents you from downloading SPAM and clogging up your mailbox. But not only SPAM will be stopped, but also harmful Viruses and Worms will be identified and deleted before you download them.

How does it work

InboxCleaner protects your Inbox through three SPAM detection algorithms:


… based on the sender e-mail address
A lot of SPAM is sent by always the same e-mail address, hence if InboxCleaner detects a message sent by one of these e-mail addresses it will delete the message. The e-mail address to search for may be entered as Name (IE "Shopper's voice") or as e-mail address (IE ""). You may also enter only part of an e-mail address (IE "") to stop all e-mails from this server.


… based on the subject
There are certain keywords that are used by SPAMers to attract your attention. (IE Easy Mortgage - Any Credit Accepted). Those messages are deleted by InboxCleaner.  
As quite often the subjects change their form, you may use the Subject filter for individual words only and combine them with an AND clause (the "&&" sign is used as AND in InboxCleaner).
For example the
Subject filter "
Easy Mortgage && Credit" will find all subjects that contain the phrase "Easy Mortgage" and the word "Credit". So it will detect  the subjects
Easy Mortgage - Any Credit Accepted
Easy Mortgage for you, any Credit Accepted


… based on the content
Most of SPAM can also be identified through its message content. Phrases like “You were sent this email because you used our Opt-in service.” are indications that this e-mail was sent to you unsolicited, hence InboxCleaner will delete them. The content based algorithm will download the first 100 lines of a message , in order to verify its content.


All three detection algorithm work with databases of well known strings. Those databases are updated regularly at MAW, so whenever you choose the update menu option the latest version will be installed, protecting you against le latest SPAM messages.  
You have also the possibility to download the latest databases through the "Download" button on the settings menu. 



After start-up InboxCleaner will display a mailbox icon or on the task bar. By moving over it it will indicate how many mails are currently in your mail box (The yellow envelop indicates that there are new mails).
By clicking on the icon you can select between the following options:



Menu options


Uses the windows Notepad.exe to open the file InboxCleaner.log that is stored in the application directory.


Mail Settings     Enter here the details about your POP accounts. You can define up to 5 mail accounts to be cleaned. If unsure, please contact your e-mail provider for more information.
As POP port enter "pop3" for the default settings.
Scanning InboxCleaner can either scan your inbox at predefined intervals (requires a permanent internet connection) or can detect when your mail reader starts. 
The "scan on start of mail reader" option will detect when you launch your mail reader and immediately scan the inbox. Like this the mailbox is cleaned every time before you download your new messages.
Filtering Choose here the filters you want to use. (See description above)

Add e-mail

Adds the e-mail address of the sender as e-mail filter. Like this then next time the messages is deleted already through the e-mail filter.


InboxCleaner will search the first 100 lines of the message for a link to unsubscribe. If found the link will be followed and your e-mail address should be deleted (Should....). The link needs to include your e-mail address for InboxCleaner to detect it.
Download This will download the latest databases from the MAW server and integrate the new strings into your database. Your own strings will not be overwritten. 
At the same time it will upload your databases to the MAW server. MAW will periodically combine all uploaded databases and make them available for download.
Only your databases will be uploaded and not any of your personal information.



Displays the e-mails currently in your mail box. You may click on the buttons below to add an e-mail address or subject to the detection  filters. The e-mail will then be detected and deleted on the next scan. 
The Scan Now! button will immediately start scanning the inbox.




Displays the SPAM e-mails that were cleaned.

Scan now

Connects to your mailbox and searches for new messages to clean.


Mail Reader

Starts your default mail reader program (IE Outlook Express).



Order and registration

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After your order has been approved, you will receive from us within 24 hours an e-mail with your serial key that unlocks your evaluation copy into a fully licensed version. This key also entitles you to future upgrades, so please store it in a safe place.



How can I get more information?

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