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On Tuesday , the 11.11.2008, Martyn Read wrote at 01:22:16 :

INS hangs up as soon as it has finished dialling

I am using XP and a US Robotics PnP Sportster Voice 33.6 faxModem connected to COM1. I have run command lines (in a .bat file) such as: SendMsg.exe /Time "NOW" /Type "VOICE" /Recipient "MARTMOB" /Message "ALARM" or SendMsg.exe /Time "NOW" /Type "VOICE" /Recipient "[VOICE:01234567890]" /Message "ALARM". The system log says dialling, then proceeding, then connected, but actually it disconnects round about then, and the dialling tone is audible if I pick up my phone. If I put a series of commas at the end of the number to be dialled, I can get the distant phone to ring, but as soon as the time consumed by the commas is up, the modem hangs up. This true whether the other party answers or not. After the modem has hung up, the system log shows that INS plays a wav file, waits for the confirmation key, then says it is disconnected. Also, Message Center has a flashing message "Error(s) found" all the time. Any help gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

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