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On Thursday , the 08.01.2002, sedef wrote at 18:02:27 :

i havent luck

the sms-it it very nice, unfortunately dont work by me. i have all combination checked.

only one combination work without any problems
this is IR Port

Nokia --> Notebook(sms-it2.1) work very good

i want sms-it with seriel cable this is safe

here are my problem
i have Nokia6210, serial cable Nokia Type DLR-3, Windows 2000 OS, AVM Fritz ISDN Card and ELSA microlink 56K Modem.

all components new an ok

This OS windows2000 working good no problem, i can send/receive fax over Modem(see up) and AVM Fritzcard PCI 7/24.

i have install nokia modem setup (com2)
nokia connect with seriel cable type DLR-3 an com2

[2002.08.01 16:32:43.655] Launched message ID=200208011632430
[2002.08.01 16:32:48.813] Command {ATHZ,OK,,,2000}
[2002.08.01 16:32:48.953] ERROR
[2002.08.01 16:32:49.063] Timeout error {ATHZ,OK,,,2000}
[2002.08.01 16:32:49.063] Command {AT,OK,,,4000}
[2002.08.01 16:32:49.153] OK
[2002.08.01 16:32:49.253] DIAL 01712521001
[2002.08.01 16:32:56.043] CARRIER
[2002.08.01 16:33:19.567] CONNECT 9600
[2002.08.01 16:33:20.278] Command {,ID=,,,2000}
[2002.08.01 16:33:21.910] Command {PG1,,,,4000}
[2002.08.01 16:33:22.661] ID=
[2002.08.01 16:33:23.222] [p
[2002.08.01 16:33:23.262] Command {+491707201718vvvvvvvvvvvvv8;7,,,,30000}
[2002.08.01 16:33:54.327] Timeout error {+491707201718vvvvvvvvvvvvv8;7,,,,30000}
[2002.08.01 16:33:54.327] Message not acknowledged from =>D,Telekom D1 ISDN,TAP

can you help me

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