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On Thursday , the 11.22.2007, MAW Support wrote at 14:31:20 :

>Still having this problem. Support, can you help?


I was able to send two messages with 158 characters to
D,Telekom D1,TAP
D,Telekom D1 ISDN,TAP

Therefore you are wrong, at least D1, TAP is working. I did not test the D2 entries as you have to be on their network to be able to dial in.

This using a simple analog modem and SMS-it v3.6.10.
If your Fritz ISDN modem is unable to emulate an analog modem please contact their support or use another modem.
My guess is that it connects at a too high speed (more than 1200Bds).
Sorry this is probably not the answer you were expecting but our software works OK and the central seems to work OK. We can unfortunately not provide you support for your modem or modem driver.


[2007.11.22 14:16:02.703] Launched message ID=20071122141602000
[2007.11.22 14:16:03.437] DIAL 0049,17-1209-2522
[2007.11.22 14:16:34.765] CONNECT 1200
[2007.11.22 14:16:35.265] Command {,ID=,,,2000}
[2007.11.22 14:16:36.343] Command {PG1,,,,5000}
[2007.11.22 14:16:37.062] ID=
[2007.11.22 14:16:37.500] [p
[2007.11.22 14:16:38.187] Command {0797863742
[2007.11.22 14:16:46.375] Message 2211141751 send successful - message submitted for processing
[2007.11.22 14:16:46.484] Message sent =>D,Telekom D1,TAP
[2007.11.22 14:17:37.312] Launched message ID=20071122141737000
[2007.11.22 14:17:38.375] DIAL 0049,171-252-1001
[2007.11.22 14:18:11.468] CONNECT 1200
[2007.11.22 14:18:11.703] Command {,ID=,,,2000}
[2007.11.22 14:18:13.312] Command {PG1,,,,5000}
[2007.11.22 14:18:14.234] ID=
[2007.11.22 14:18:14.656] [p
[2007.11.22 14:18:15.406] Command {0797863742
[2007.11.22 14:18:24.093] Message 2211141928 send successful - message submitted for processing
[2007.11.22 14:18:24.203] Message sent =>D,Telekom D1 ISDN,TAP

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