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On Thursday , the 05.20.2010, Rick wrote at 16:10:14 :

>>>>>>>>Sequential SMS Delay and then Fail with batch file.

If your experienced opinion is that incoming SMS messages should not be lost if a modem is working properly, I would be willing to purchase one and give it a try. This behavior that I'm experiencing with the direct link to the cell phone MIGHT be due to the same slowdown issues I'm experiencing with it upon sequential sending. With my project:

1) I have no interest in sending bulk messages
2) A volume of 4 or 5 per minute would be acceptable
3) I would like to have it stand alone (will still work if the internet goes down)
4) I would like the risk of losing messages to be very, very low.
5) I would like the notification number and the reply number to be the same (so it can ask them a question and they simply reply with the answer)

I think I will have to go with a GSM modem solution rather than direct cell link and see if there is a higher reliability factor with it.

Thank you for your input. If you can think of anything else that could help me, please let me know! :o)


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