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On Sunday , the 09.15.2002, MAW Support wrote at 12:17:28 :

Re: Re: Re: 'N' is not a valid integer value


The Ringing Tones text transfer language (RTTTL) specifies the style as

def-style := "s=" style
style := 1 | ; normal
2 | ; continuous
3 ; staccato

so the s value of the RT needs to be IE s=1 and not s=N
(Not sure why DATABECKER changed this in their software).

> One other problem I have is that end of ringtones is being
> stripped.

On this one I need some time to investigate further and will get back to

>one other question I am trying to get a return
>value from the command line , does it pass back any
>return values ??

There is no code returned from SMS-it.
One way of getting the result is reading the last line of the Messages.DB
file. This will be the Receipt of the last message. If there you read the
string "Message sent" you are sure that the message has been sent.


Marc Wanderer

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