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On Thursday , the 12.11.2003, sassou wrote at 11:33:57 :

SMS-IT to use with Tunisian SMSC

I need to test SMS-it on Tunisian mobile network. I configurate the SMSC center (TN-SMS using) but when using the Usrobotics SportSter MessagePlus modem and a landed-Line and after dialing the SMSC phone number, I get busy signal. What is the problem ? (I used both UCP case and TAP case).Here is the sequence from SMS-IT terminal

[2003/12/10 15:43:31.096] Launched message ID=20031210154330000
[2003/12/10 15:43:31.597] Command {ATHZ,OK,,,2000}
[2003/12/10 15:43:31.927] OK
[2003/12/10 15:43:31.947] Command {AT,OK,,,4000}
[2003/12/10 15:43:32.057] AT
[2003/12/10 15:43:32.418] OK
[2003/12/10 15:43:32.448] DIAL 98390003
[2003/12/10 15:43:33.029] ATDT98390003
[2003/12/10 15:43:41.461] BUSY
[2003/12/10 15:43:42.072] SMS service does not respond => TN-SMS

Thank you for helping me.

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