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On Monday , the 01.08.2007, MAW Support wrote at 09:01:48 :

>Problem with simultaneous access

Hi Chris

You can not call SMS-it at the exact same time, as this may cause problems when accessing the database.
If your monitoring system is unable to put a delay between two calls, then you must defined them yourself.
One way of doing this is by using the attached command files.
In this case your monitoring system does not call SMS-it directly, but calls the SendSMS.bat instead, but with the same command line parameters.
The SendSMS.bat calls the delay.vbs which inserts a random delay of 0-3 seconds, before calling SMS-it.
Like this you can make sure not have two simultaneous accesses.

Hope this helps.


REM Call the VBS delay
wscript delay.vbs
REM Call SMS-it with the same parameters
C:\Programme\SMS-it\SMS-it.exe %1 %2 %3

Wscript.Sleep r*5000

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