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On Saturday , the 07.14.2007, Thayalan wrote at 08:02:39 :

COM Port error via Bluetooth connection

I have connect the Nokia 6230i phone to WindowsXP PC using IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack via serial port COM5.

Still I was not able to send sms,etc to the phone using direct link. The following error was thrown

"There is no compatible mobile phone connected to the COM port => Direct to COM5"

The following steps were followed when connecting to the device.

1. Install the SMS-IT
2. Select Direct to COM5 @ 9600 Bds from System -> Settings
3. Type 'TEST' from the window and select the 'Text' Radio button
4. Click 'Send' Button
5. Send failed and following detail error found under Terminal tab of the System Window

[2007/07/14 11:27:54.437] Launched message ID=20070714112754000
[2007/07/14 11:27:54.515] Command {AT,OK,,,4000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:54.593] AT
[2007/07/14 11:27:54.625] OK
[2007/07/14 11:27:54.734] Command {AT+CSCS="GSM",OK,,,4000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:55.156] AT+CSCS="GSM"
[2007/07/14 11:27:55.187] OK
[2007/07/14 11:27:55.296] Command {AT+CMGF=0,OK,,,4000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:55.593] AT+CMGF=0
[2007/07/14 11:27:55.625] OK
[2007/07/14 11:27:55.734] Command {AT+CMMS=1,OK,,,4000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:56.031] AT+CMMS=1
[2007/07/14 11:27:56.062] OK
[2007/07/14 11:27:56.171] Command {AT+CMGS=22,>,,,4000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:56.500] AT+CMGS=22
[2007/07/14 11:27:56.625] Command {0011000B914977872784F50018A7020054004500530054,+CMGS:,OK,,30000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:58.156] > 0011000B914977872784F50018A7020054004500530054
[2007/07/14 11:27:58.156] ERROR
[2007/07/14 11:27:58.296] Timeout error {0011000B914977872784F50018A7020054004500530054,+CMGS:,OK,,30000}
[2007/07/14 11:27:58.296] There is no compatible mobile phone connected to the COM port => Direct to COM5

I'm suspecting this may be due to COM port is in use by someother application or some conflict.
But all these AT commands are working fine in HYPER TERMINAL perfectly.

Please note I've just installed the evaluation version 3.6.4

Can someone advise me

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