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As the communication market continues its explosive growth, enterprise clients and telecommunications carriers seek new and creative ways to take advantage of the enormous potential revenue. Thus, many clients seek unique solutions with very specific requirements. For such clients, MAW Software Ltd offers its proficiency in project management, software development and communication technology, in order to provide customized messaging solutions, IVR and integration assistance.
The MAW Software Ltd staff consists of highly skilled messaging experts with a unique background in the world of software development. It is this staff which built MAW's comprehensive suite of tools, and, in doing so, recognized the need for an autonomous technology, customizable to suit the needs of an unlimited array of clients. Hence, the Integrated Notification System was built on a modular software model, lending itself to such customization by allowing clients to choose from a menu of desired features, as well as easily adding new features to meet specific needs. This combination of versatility in its platform and technology, along with the expertise of the highly skilled staff which created it, enables MAW to efficiently architect countless new products and services on that foundation.

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