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About us

Since 1995 MAW Software Ltd consists of highly skilled communication experts with a unique background in the world of software development.
Founded originally in Australia, in 2000 we moved offices to Switzerland and are now based close to the city of Zürich.
In 1995 we developed the first version of our INS (Integrated Notification System) application, this in response to the needs of a major food company worldwise. Throughout the years INS has been continuously refined and is now our flagship application.
Since 1995 we have implemented hundred of solutions to simplify the communication flow throughout companies.
Our expertise includes the following areas:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR) systems that alleviate the workload of your secretary (thus improving the service to your customers)
  • Automated order systems, where orders can be placed by phone or through e-mail
  • SMS based alarming systems
  • Factory surveillance systems with SMS alarming and IVR querying of critical process values
  • Fax-on-demand systems, give your customer the information when and where it needs it
  • SMS-on-demand systems, for information distribution or SMS based subscriptions

Depending on your needs we may provide you with a complete system (Consulting, hardware and software) or you may use our software package and implement your own solution.
We understand that our software does not meet every requirement, hence we have the right competence available to either expand the functionality of our products, or develop your own purpose build system.

Our expertise in software development ranges from C++, Java, C# over to VB, PERL and other scripting language.
According to your requirements we will select the right mix of products and tools.

At MAW we see our customers as partners with a common goal: a well implemented software project.


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