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Automated communication - your advantage

Since its foundation in 1995, MAW Software Ltd has always laid the focus on telephony and telecommunication software and here especially on automated voice-processing. The purpose here is to establish the link between telephony and computer (also CTI - Computer Telephony Integration). One classic example here is phone banking, the possibility to use your phone keypad to manage your bank account (Eg to check the current account value). Another example gaining more and more importance would be televoting.

Voice-processing offers new opportunities for your business, to take advantage of individual and ever more demanding features of your communications system. Information can now be made available efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. Messages and instructions can be easily received, forwarded and then processed without loss of time. All this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A phone is available practically always and everywhere. With a spoken dialogue, the caller is guided through a variety of choices - if necessary also multilingual. The spoken dialogs can be prerecorded or dynamically created  using Text to Speech (TTS) technology. Because it is very important that your customer will not feel lost, the system fits perfectly into your existing communications infrastructure. This allows the caller during the normal opening hours to also speak directly with an operator, which by the discharge of routine work now has more time to better serve the customers. 


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