Effective communication in all sectors of the economy is becoming increasingly important. The important first impression of your company receives a potential customer on the phone. If he has to wait long for a response, its image on your service quality is already negatively influenced. You must ensure that incoming calls are answered immediately and the connection with the desired dialogue partners works. For this purpose a prequalification with a call pre-selection may be very useful.

INS delivers a very valuable services in this area and welcomes any caller promptly and cheerfully, “Hello, this is …., to speak to our sales department, please press 1, for our technical support press 2 or for our order office press 3. If you wait, you will be immediately connected with our reception.” If the caller preselects the corresponding number, he will be connected with the desired department, if he does not, he will be automatically connected to reception or a pre-defined person. If the selected dialogue partner is busy, the caller can wait while listening to information about your latest offers, select a different department or choose to leave a message.

As a small business you can use the prequalification with INS in general for all callers. For for bigger companies use it as backup if reception is busy. 
It is also very useful to pre-route the telephone traffic in certain departments to the proper channel (preselection) or to pre-qualify the call by asking the caller to enter the required data in advance. Eg for the service department: “This is our technical hotline. In order to promptly serve you, we kindly ask you to have the product specification and a detailed fault description ready. Please also check whether the device is operating properly in accordance with the instructions. For hardware problems please press now 1 for software problems press 2”. 
 Your advantage:

No call is ever lost again. Each customer will be greeted and promptly relayed. Whether you use INS as the main reception or to discharge the existing reception, your staff will be discharged significantly, and this gives the caller the positive impression that is important for a successful business relationship.

If you put INS in specific areas (eg hotline), you can canalize your calls to the right department and distribute standard information automatically. Your support staff is freed from the routine tasks, and can focus without time pressure on the real problems. In no other area is it more important to provide optimum service and still keep costs to a minimum. A customer that is convinced of your service quality will recommend you to others and continue buying your products and services.