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On Friday , the 08.22.2003, Brian wrote at 22:19:02 :

Setting up WhoCalls to work with TimeMatters

We're using TimeMatters (legal practice management software) and it has an option which will popup a client's form when it identifies their caller ID.

The people at TimeMatters recommend your software to be the go-between in taking the Caller ID from the phone system to poke that into their program (but of course, they do not provide much detail about how to do this).

We are using a TeleVantage phone system (all computer controlled, made by Artisoft). The TAPI service provider is installed and configured correctly. We are able to dial out from TimeMatters, I just can't figure out how to get the screen pops to work.

Here's the information the TimeMatters web site provides.

>The following three pieces of information are essential:

Who is the third party software sending the command to? This is referred to as the “App”. The answer is “TimeMatters” (Note: no space.)

The third party software will need the “Topic”: we use “SYSTEM”.

Lastly comes the “Command”: this tells Time Matters what to do. The command starts off “CALLERID=”: this tells Time Matters that the command it is receiving refers to Caller ID Screen Pops. The phone number and name after the equal sign is the information being sent to Time Matters. This may be represented by your software's variables - you may need to consult the third party’s help files for the list of variables they use.

Once these elements are in place Time Matters will respond to the command as defined in User Level Setup.

The following example shows DDE configuration when using Word 2000:

chan = DDEInitiate(App:="TimeMatters", Topic:="SYSTEM")

DDEExecute Channel:=chan, Command:="CALLERID=800-328-2898,Time Matters Software"

DDETerminate Channel:=chan

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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