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On Tuesday , the 08.17.2010, MAW Support wrote at 08:36:44 :

>DDE and missing fields

Hi Kydo

DDE should only be used for older systems.
For newer systems you should use a VBS script to call MsAcces through ActiveX.
Please find below a VBS that works with MsAccess.
Just create a MsAcces DB C:\CallLog.mdb and there a table T_Calls with the string fields
Date, Time, CallerID, CallerName and Port
The create a new enty in WhoCalls, call it "VBS for MsAccess" and paste the code below.


Dim AccApp, dbs, rst
Dim Result

Set AccApp= CreateObject("Access.Application")

Set dbs = AccApp.CurrentDb

Set rst = dbs.OpenTable("T_Calls")

rst.Date ="@DATE" 'Set Time
rst.Time ="@TIME" 'Set Date
rst.CallerID ="@CID" 'Set CallerID
rst.CallerName ="@CIN" 'Set CallerID Name
rst.Port ="@PORT" 'Set Port


'Clean up
set rst = Nothing
set dbs = Nothing
set AccApp = Nothing

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