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On Monday , the 09.05.2005, Mike Spinelli wrote at 15:02:05 :

monitoring two separate modems or lines

Could you please tell me if there is some way to set up WhoCalls to monitor two separate lines on two separate modems at the same time, or to run two instances of your program at the same time so that each can monitor a separate modem? My operating system is Windows XP and I have two separate Voip lines coming from an Inno Media device and I have three internal Tapi compliant voice modems installed in my computer. I have tried dozens of caller ID programs but yours is the only one that continues to work when I use my IVM Ansering Attendant program by Swift Sound and does not prevent it from being able to answer calls. The IVM program answers both lines and has a caller ID but there is no way to customize it with extra information. Thank you for any help that you can give me.

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