With the rapid development in all sectors of the economy increases also the demand for information. That means for you as information provider a bigger workload, because editing and sending the required documentation will cost you precious time. In addition to specific requests that require your individual attention, the majority of information requests are always the same, eg price lists, product brochures, company brochures, etc. Further more your customers usually need the information immediately. That’s why you have to be able to send out your information around the clock.

Fax-on-demand leads the caller with an (IVR) interactive dialogue through a menu system. Here the customer selects the desired brochure and enters the fax number to which the information should be sent to. For extensive information you can generate a table of contents. The dispatch of faxes will occur immediately after the call.Your advantage:

Faxes are always up to date, since they do not need to be reprinted after every change. All information is immediately available to your customers regardless of time and place. Sensitive documents (eg dealer price lists) can be password or PIN protected. Statistical functions can track information about callers and requested documents. Both in distribution (postage, envelopes, handling), as well as for the cost of the brochures (printing, handling), there is a substantial cost saving.