2019 General overhaul of our web presence
2015Celebrating 20 years!
2008Establishing a close relationship with ChemEng Software Design as exclusive distributor for Australia
2008Founding of MAW Software Ltd as individual company in Switzerland
2005Celebrating 10 years!
2004Establishing a close relationship with K&G Digital Service Ltd as exclusive distributor for Greece
2003Transfer of MAW offices to Pfäffikon SZ (Close to the lake of Zurich)
2001Development of Inbox Cleaner, a SPAM removal tool
2001Development of WhoCalls as separate software utility to detect and display caller IDs
2000Transfer of MAW offices to Switzerland (Basel)
1999Development of SMS-it! as separate software utility to send SMS (text messages) over the phone
1997Transfer of MAW offices to France (Lisieux)
1996Close colaboration with CITECT for the SCADA integration.
1996Added voice (IVR) functionality to INS in order to retrieve process information over the phone
1995Development of the Ladder Compiler software, an utility to program Allen Bradley PLCs
1995Development of first version of INS (Integrated Notification System), at the time called MSCS
(Message Server Communication Suite).
This version was used as pager based alarming system for an ice cream factory in Australia.
1995Founding of MAW in Australia (Melbourne)