Truckee Meadows Water AuthorityNevada, USA
Climatec, Inc.Arizona, USA
Nestlé Australia LtdMulgrave, Australia
Telecommunication Company of SurinameParamaribo, Suriname
Bookham (Switzerland) AGZürich, Switzerland
RolexGeneva, Switzerland
KeySpan EnergyNew York, USA
City of Sunnyvale CaliforniaCalifornia, USA
Clarence City CouncilRosny Park, Australia
Fonterra AustraliaSpreyton, Australia

Application examples of INS

  • IVR for real-time querying of critical process values. At the same time SMS alarming if a value exceeds a pre-defined limit.
  • Sending of voice messages to a worship community, as an invitation and announcement of the location where the mass is held.
  • Use as a high-performance fax server (4 parallel fax modems with a peak throughput of 200 FAX / h).
  • SMS-on-demand system. The SMS (pictures, ring tones) are chosen by the customer over the Internet or via IVR and then sent to the handset by INS. .
  • Autonomous network monitoring system. In case of a network outage, INS sends alarm messages directly through an autonomous GSM modem, reliable and secure.
  • “Receptionist” at a hairdresser salon. Customers can pre-select their desired hairdresser by telephone. The hairdresser in turn receives from the database all relevant information stored for this customer (CRM).
  • “Receptionist” the dog wash salon. Customers can book the next appointment of their dog by phone. The operator extracts from the database all information about the customer and a work order is sent via SMS to the next available staff at the appropriate address.
  • SMS bulk message to club members, invitations to GM, newsletters, etc
  • IVR to verify the current release of a regulation. The caller may enter the number of its current release and the system verifies whether this is the last release. If not, the caller can retrieve the current regulation by FAX (Fax-on-demand).
  • Sick reporting through IVR. Employees of a production line can report illness 24h/day by telephone. The information entered by the caller will be sent by e-mail to the appropriate shift manager, as well as to the HR department.
  • Debt and credit management. INS updates every evening the current values of the outstanding debts. For this, a freecall is automatically established and the information collected is stored in a database.
  • … and much more!


Please find below an extract of some of the testimonials we received.

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Garry 
Gesendet: Montag, 8. Februar 2010 16:47
Betreff: RE: Thank you for your order!

I found your product by searching for "IVR system" on
I dabble in software/database development/integration.  
I was asked by a rural community to develop a emergency services notification system, so I
developed and have successfully marketed that product.  The community is a
very rural community and asked me if it was possible to trigger
notifications from any touchtone telephone.  This prompted me to search for
an IVR system that would meet my specific criteria, and your product was the
first one I tried, I liked the reviews, and loved the potential.  In less
than 72 hours I found, evaluated, purchased, designed, and deployed a fully
functional IVR system that goes fully online this week.  Your product has
potentially opened a tremendous new market for me, and I am sure I will be
purchasing more licenses in the future.  I have already visited with some
others who may want a similar system.

My biggest requirements for an IVR system were:
1)  Compatibility with voice modems other that dialogic boards
2)  The ability to trigger external applications/vbscripts and read
3)  Highly configurable and functional but not bloated.

Kudos on a superb product.

Von: Howard 
Gesendet: Freitag, 29. Januar 2010 11:50
An: ‘Marc Wanderer’
Betreff: INS

Hi Marc,

Have had to reinstall INS. Can’t find the four-channel reg key. Would you be kind enough to send it to me again? Thanks. 

While writing, I would also let you know that my affiliate account with share-it is not big enough to actually pay out the money! For all the support you guys have given me, I am more than happy for you to claim it back and close my account with Share-it.

Cheers for now,


User reviews from

5 stars
Version: Integrated Notification System (IVR) 7.1.3


by download1982 on April 29, 2008 

Pros: Easy to use workflow designer


5 stars
Version: Integrated Notification System (IVR) 7.1


by jol67 on February 29, 2008 

Pros: Very powerful piece of software

5 stars
Version: Integrated Notification System (IVR) 6.3.1

“Amazing possibilities!”

by julio_1983 on December 7, 2007 

Pros: Incredible what you can do with this! It answers the phone, replies to e-mails and forwards my SMS.

Cons: Rather complicated… but it’s worth the effort

5 stars
Version: Integrated Notification System (IVR) 6.1.1


by BarbaraSchmidt22 on November 30, 2006 

Pros: Powerfull tool to create IVR applications. I build an application that reacts on incoming SMS for my SMS-on-demand project. Cool! 

I also played arround with some of the voice samples.

Cons: Steep learning curve at beginning, help file needs improvement and more sample applications will be helpful. 

Will also prevent people like me to hassle the MAW support too much with questions (thanks anyway guys 🙂