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On Thursday , the 05.02.2002, MAW Support wrote at 10:10:43 :

Re: Re: Re: Check-it as service on Windows NT


> 1) how about one of the third party applications that turns a program into
> service?

We do not have experience with this type of applications. MSCS requires
extensive access to higher level APIs, hence forcing it to run as service
may prevent certain functions from performing correctly.

> 2) I am surprised that you have not been asked this before, as in a real
> process plant the possibility of killing a mission critical routine is of
> serious concern. How have your other clients solved the problem?

Most of our customers have a dedicated communication server that sits in a
control room where access is only granted to the plant engineers. There they
run Citect and MSCS/CheckIt on a single machine with modem access. The
Citect station acts also as IOServer for the client PCs in the plant.
Some of them use also our Software to dial-in and get process data through a
IVR script.

> 3) can check it be run in some stealth mode (not as a service) that does
> display a window / icon ?? (see my description below)

We have modified Check-it so that it can now run in a formless mode.
Please download the new Check-it.exe from
and start it with the /NOFORM parameter.
This feature will become a standard feature in our next release of MSCS (5.0.1).

> 4) Which of your competitors has solved this problem and where may I
> them ?

We are more concerned about the needs of our customers than the features of
our competitors. If we see the need of a customer as important also to
others, we try to implement it as quick as possible. (See above)
In terms of competition.... CiTect had once a pager solution as AddOn, I am
not sure if they still support it though...

Hope this helps...


Marc Wanderer
MAW Consulting

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