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On Tuesday , the 03.14.2006, Miguel wrote at 19:02:08 :

>>>>>Error message

Hi Support,

I Allready send a mail but the script simply include:

module1: Run VBS Code
(on success go to module2)
(on Fail go to module1)

module2: Result Variable Switch
(If result is 1 go to module2)
(If result is 0 go to module1)

module3: Send DTMF
(on success go to module4)
(on Fail go to module3)

module4: Play message
(if trigger is 1 play message )
(if trigger is # go to module 5)

module5: Hang up

In the first module, module 1 (Run VBS Code) I put the script below: module:
Dim ex
Dim I
Dim ID
Set ex = CreateObject("Excel.Application") ex.Workbooks.Open "C:\Documents andSettings\Administrator\Desktop\mon.xls" 'Openfile

For I = 2 To 5

If ex.ActiveSheet.Range("A" & I) = 1 Then
MsgBox "There is an alarm"
ID = ex.ActiveSheet.Range("A" & I)

End if

ex.ActiveWorkbook.Save ex.Quit

On my desktop I put the excel file to be monitored. The name is Mon.xls. My link to the excel file is:
C:\Documents and Settings\ Administrator\Desktop\Mon.xls

In row A2, A3, A4 and A5 I put the number 1 to indicate an alarm and then I save the file.
This link is also in the VBScript.

When the script runs after every 30 seconds it is displaying the alarm message.

I am very hapy that INS gives me the results of the excel file.

When the 1 is detected, it must go to the next module. I know that the script is detecting the "1" in the excel file but it must go to the next module and that is the Send DTMF module.

Problem is:

1) It does not go to the Send DTMF module.
2) The logfile displays that the Script ended without Exit cell, exit forced.

Here is a part of the logfile:

[2006/03/14 13:23:43.027] [Channel #1] Running script C:\INS\SampleScripts\VoiceScripts\Test\Alarm.vsc
[2006/03/14 13:23:43.057] [Channel #1] Current module : Module1
[2006/03/14 13:23:43.208] [Channel #1] Current module : Module2
[2006/03/14 13:23:43.228] [Channel #1] Evaluated $RV[Module1] to
[2006/03/14 13:23:43.248] [Channel #1] Script ended without Exit cell, exit forced
[2006/03/14 13:23:47.273] [Channel #1] Current module :
[2006/03/14 13:24:25.358] [Channel #1] Running script C:\INS\SampleScripts\VoiceScripts\Test\Alarm.vsc
[2006/03/14 13:24:25.408] [Channel #1] Current module : Module1
[2006/03/14 13:24:25.579] [Channel #1] Current module : Module2
[2006/03/14 13:24:25.629] [Channel #1] Evaluated $RV[Module1] to
[2006/03/14 13:24:25.679] [Channel #1] Script ended without Exit cell, exit forced
[2006/03/14 13:24:29.434] [Channel #1] Current module :
[2006/03/14 13:25:07.319] [Channel #1] Running script C:\INS\SampleScripts\VoiceScripts\Test\Alarm.vsc
[2006/03/14 13:25:11.294] [Channel #1] Current module : Module1
[2006/03/14 13:25:19.296] [Channel #1] Current module : Module2
[2006/03/14 13:25:19.606] [Channel #1] Evaluated $RV[Module1] to
[2006/03/14 13:25:19.907] [Channel #1] Script ended without Exit cell, exit forced
[2006/03/14 13:25:23.542] [Channel #1] Current module :

I am looking forward to your help in this.

Best regards,

Miguel Agamat

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