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On Tuesday , the 07.21.2009, hussain wrote at 01:19:46 :

>>>few questions

thank you for your replay
about sender ID the language display correctly but when I try to send a message an error pop up and says "
SMS service does not respond. service result : DESTINATIONADDR_INVALIDFORMAT =>(INTERNET)MWA software
but when I change the sender ID to English it works fine

about re-selling I'll talk with my partner about your idea although it seems scary for our clients to be more detailed
using your service is not to get some cash or profit behind it in fact we want provide as service to help our members in our site to contact there clients . to make long story short our new site is only for Arabian females to support them in there own business any kind of complex technology that need installing, CDs, registrations, will scare them and that will cause our site lose of valuable members or fail of this supporting service and that will cause decrease in site reputation.
I know its impossible to you use your service without software .
just I want everything so simple for our members .

2: there is questions about your idea for re-selling .
you said buying for example 50 licenses
define licenses ?
is it software
or the right to sell the software without credits or with credits that I choose in earlier time when I purchase.
you said registration information, is that mean the software come with some sort of entering serial number that will specify the credits limits ?
when credits expire for one of our members how she will buy credits ? do she have to buy again the software ? or just buying new registration from us that will specify new credits limits ?

sorry for inconvenience
my regards

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