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On Thursday , the 05.20.2010, Rick wrote at 14:09:59 :

>>>>>>Sequential SMS Delay and then Fail with batch file.

That's what I thought too. I thought that if I sent 3 or 4 messages to the phone WHILE it was sequentially sending 4 messages from the same phone, the incoming messages would just come in after the sending was done. This is not the case. If the phone is inactive (sending), it will receive every message no problem. But I can easily repeat the experiment of losing incoming messages (they never reach the phone at all) while the phone is sending a few in sequence. This has nothing to do with your software, it's the phone's interaction with the mobile network :o(

I could configure 2 devices to work separately for sending and receiving, but they would have different phone numbers. If I want people to receive a message and interactively reply to it, two numbers don't work for that.

I'm trying to achieve a simple gateway for an interactive application. They text the system and the system behaves in some way (sheduling, information request, etc.), and the system will send messages to phones as well (notifications, reporting, requesting info, etc.) This should all be done under one number and would work beautifully if I can find a way to NOT lose incoming messages when the device is busy. When I got the idea for this application, I did not know that SMS was so unreliable.

I cannot change the number they receive the SMS from, can I? If I separate incoming and outgoing by using 2 separate devices, how do you think I can manage those two separate numbers? (I could instruct them to "reply to (555)555-5555", but that is very complicated compared to "reply to this message", and simplicity is vital.

Thanks for your time. I know this is beyond your responsibility of one SMS-it license, but I hope you can share some experience that might point me in the right direction.


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