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On Wednesday , the 05.19.2010, MAW Support wrote at 20:14:16 :

>Sequential SMS Delay and then Fail with batch file.

Hi Rick

>>I am very happy with sending 1 message every 10 seconds, but 30 seconds is only 2 messages per minute and failed messages destroy my project.

We actually normally calculate with 30s per SMS in average when sending through a mobile phone :-(
This delay seems to be the time required for the mobile to connect to its cell, send the SMS and receive a confirmation.
We have also observed the fact that the delay increases with the number of SMS sent.
In your case the delay increases > 30s, which is the time out set for sending the SMS.

On some mobile phones it has helped to put a delay of ca 5 s betweens sending the SMS.

"c:\program Files\SMS-it2\sms-it.exe" SMST [sms:519574xxxx] "TEST"
Sleep 5
"c:\program Files\SMS-it2\sms-it.exe" SMST [sms:519574xxxx] "TEST"
Sleep 5
"c:\program Files\SMS-it2\sms-it.exe" SMST [sms:519574xxxx] "TEST"

It will obviously prolong the overall process, but the individual sending time may diminish.

You may also try to play around with the baud rate, as this may have some influence.

At a last resort, you may use a GSM modem rather than a mobile phone. Those devices are actually made to be triggered from external, mobile phones just emulate this feature.


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