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Studies show that up to 75% of all telephone calls do not reach the intended person at first attempt. This means that you, as desired dialogue partner, are busy or absent. Messages that are taken by third parties, often reach you incomplete, distorted, too late or not at all. An analysis of successful calls shows that 50% of calls do not require direct dialogue.  "Get rid of news", confirmation of appointments, or request for something to do, etc. are typical examples. In addition, about 65% of all calls are not as important as the work time, which you need to spend answering it. Often it is sufficient to let the caller leave a messages in a voice-mail system,  where it is available for retrieval any time later.

INS makes available for each employee a personal mailbox. This can be used for regular calls, as well as calls from mobile phones. Announcing texts can be personalized by each employee and can be differentiated according to certain criteria (such as opening hours, holidays, etc.). In an (IVR) interactive dialog message, the caller is asked to leave a voice message to be recorded. The recording of a new message can be notified to the user by SMS or e-mail and the message left can then be retrieved from any telephone, regardless of time and place.


Your advantage:

With voice mail you are always in touch with your business partners. You decide where and when you handle your phone calls and on a simple key stroke forward a message to your colleagues. You are immediately informed about new incoming messages and thus can respond immediately if necessary. To listen to the voice mail you may use numerous control options such as pause, forward/rewind, forward or delete message. Moreover, you are always informed about the date, time and caller ID of a message. In order to stay flexible you can change your welcome text, or the type of notification from anywhere anytime. Even if you have multiple calls simultaneously arriving, no busy signal can be heard as voice mail handles all incoming calls on multiple channels in parallel.


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